17th February 2018

Funeral Shakes debut album OUT NOW

We are so glad to finally release this gem of an album out! For all of you that are into rock n roll, surf, punk and just good tunes in general…this is for you!


Here’s their anti-valentine anthem ‘Lovebirds’ video

If you don’t trust us, this is what actual important people had to say about it…

“…these dozen punk’n’roll tunes brim with a certain poppy effervescence, contrasting with lyrics telling tales of the unlucky in love…but this remains one funeral you’ll be leaving with a smile.”


“…irresistible hooks and brilliantly downbeat melody.”
Rock Sound 7/10


“‘Funeral Shakes’ is a foot stomping riot.”
Vive Le Rock 8/10


“‘Funeral Shakes’ is an all-out declaration of war: hard rock riffs go toe-to-toe with arena-ready choruses; The Gaslight Anthem’s punk-for-the-masses throws punches with the infectiousness levels of Creeper; the lyrics of the jilted, beaten, and heartbroken generation wrestle tooth and nail with the sounds of a band who couldn’t be happier.”
“…proof that rock’n’roll is far from dead…”
The Blues Marie


“All the songs on this self-titled debut are so wildly unique and there isn’t a word that can collectively sum them all up. And yet the record is utterly authentic and cohesive.”
Sound Of Pen 8.8


“ …huge hooks, relentless riffs and downright beautiful harmonies…an early entry for album of the year.
Long live the Funeral Shakes!”


“Sing-able Power-pop, anti love ballads for the less conventionally inclined”
Elite Magazine  5/5


“Trashy guitars, snarl and scream vocals, lyrics laden with angst…the start of something beautiful…”


“Buy it, stream it, download it, just don’t let it pass you by!”
3 Songs & Out ****


“…raw, gritty rock track with pulsating drums and a spirited, booming chorus.”
Drop This


“The album is daring and balances the blissful sounds of the band with the brutish and loud nature of its core. You would be silly to not give this a listen.”
Wave Byte 4/5


“…hard hitting punk-fuelled rock n’ roll…”
Distorted Sound 7/10


“Funeral Shakes could cement their position as one of the most promising supergroups of the decade pretty quickly.”
Musicology 9/10