19th December 2017

funeral shakes’ lightning video

The strobetastic new video for ‘Lightning’ is now up on VEVO and YouTube. This is the second single from Funeral Shakes’ self-titled debut album, out February 16th on Silent Cult. You can pre-order it here.

Lightning by Funeral Shakes on VEVO.


Funeral Shakes are a four piece rock n’ roll band from Watford UK, who formed from the ashes of The Smoking Hearts, including founding members Calvin Roffey (bass/vocals) and Simon Barker (guitar). The duo worked tirelessly demoing tracks before embarking out into Watford’s music scene to track down the rest of their band. Funeral Shakes were swiftly joined by Gallows’ drummer Lee Barratt, after a chance meeting at a Metz show; the line up would finally be complete with the addition of Nervus guitarist/vocalist Em Foster .