24th November 2020

Love You To Death

Forlorn have released a stunning cover of ‘Love You To Death‘ by Type O Negative. This stripped down piano version allows Megan’s sultry voice to shine through and create a beautiful new take on this beautiful classic. Peter Steele would be proud!

“Recording a vocal cover is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but it was always very important for me to pick the right track; one that I resonated with on a personal level and one that people wouldn’t necessarily associate with a band like Forlorn. Music and art in general is always most
interesting when it is unexpected and I think that this cover of Love You To Death (originally by Type O Negative) is exactly that. I’ve been a huge fan of Type O Negative for a number of years and, like many other people, have always been fascinated by frontman Peter Steele and that voice of his that was on such a different level to anything else out there in the Rock and Metal world. This cover was recorded on a hot summer evening this year and it was truly one of the most profoundly magical moments of my life.
During a time where so many things in this world are very much up in the air, this was a real moment for me to disconnect and fully immerse myself in this incredible song. I hope I have done it justice, in my own way. RIP Peter Steele”.
Megan Elliott, Forlorn