26th February 2021


CLUB DREAD share their mammoth new single ‘REPTILE‘ 

Recorded and produced at MONOLITH STUDIOS in London by Steve Sears (GALLOWS, GOLD KEY, CREATURE, WACO). The band’s latest offering is packed with brutal, pit-churning riffs interwoven tales of savagery. Vocalist Jim Dummer explores the slippery moments between wake and sleep.

“I had a dream about a close friend who flipped and went on a murderous rampage… It felt so real as if it was happening right in front of me, blurring the lines of reality, sticking in my head. I’ve always wanted to write about my dreams, so after I had this one, in particular, I thought, yeah this has to happen.” JimDummer

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CLUB DREAD is a five-piece metal band from Bedford, UK, who set out to express and capture the uncomfortably dark emotions brought on by the current state of the world. Riddled with disdain and backed by aggressive, low pounding chords that combine with soaring melodies, twisting into a strange, melancholic journey into the unknown. 

CLUB DREAD are: Leo Newman – Guitar / Tom Newman – Bass / Jim Dummer – Vocals / Dom Wallace / Tom Clarke – Guitar