Described as a band that “boasts a sound that is utterly jaw-dropping”, Forlorn are an emerging Metal band from Southern England. Blending aggressive, chaotic riffs with expansive, ethereal atmospherics, the newcomers bring something a little different to the metal scene.

On the topic of avoiding the limits associated with being pigeon-holed into a subgenre, guitarist Edd Kerton comments, “I want to walk the line between what people expect from a metal band and more avant-garde aspects of music that I love. I think art is more exciting and creates more of a connection when it’s open for interpretation.”

The band set the tone with the release of their debut double single ‘Erased / Emotionless’, which was self-released on February 14th 2020 across all digital platforms with accompanying music videos for both. An offering that showcases Forlorn’s dichotomy, the two tracks showcase what listeners are to expect from the band.

Speaking of this first instalment, vocalist Megan Elliott comments: “We wanted to really set the scene with this first double single and I believe ‘Erased’ and ‘Emotionless’ provided us with the opportunity to do that. Whilst the former focuses in hard on the atmospherics and sets the scene, the latter presents pure chaos and aggression. Even though both songs are quite different, they both manage to successfully encompass our statement of intent in a way that we didn’t think was possible.”

Having now completed their second recording session with producer George Lever (Sleep Token, Loathe, Holding Absence), Forlorn look towards to the release of ‘Forsaken’ on their new home, Silent Cult, on May 29th, before taking their unrelenting energy to the stage.

FORLORN is: Megan Elliott (vocals) / William Alex Young (vocals) / Edd Kerton (guitar) / Eathan White-Aldworth (guitar) / James Tunstall (bass) / Jay Swinstead (drums)

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