Havelocke are an Emo Hardcore band from Sheffield, UK.

A haphazard mix of emo, post hardcore, and all things horror; Havelocke. The misfit cousins to the alternative scene, where black eyeliner meets big harmonies and post-apocalyptic themes.

Hot off the trail of their previous EP, This Is Havelocke, the band brings new energy to the table, digging straight into the most theatrical release yet. With praise from the likes of Kerrang! (KKKK), Dead Press and Already Heard, and having supported Hawthorne Heights earlier this year (before the ongoing pandemic hit), Havelocke have deeply cemented their place in the emo scene, both with old and new fans alike.

Out to prove that there’s still more to give, Havelocke are ready to twang those emotional heartstrings, whilst providing those all too necessary hooks to scream in your bedroom.

Emo and post-hardcore didn’t die; it grew up and put on it’s finest black clothes, ready to question the reality of the society we live in. Who better to tell that story than Havelocke?

Havelocke are:

Owen Cousins – Lead vocals, Guitar
Hope Thackray – Guitar, Backing vocals
Jack Taylor – Drums
Jacob Clarke – Bass, backing vocals


Havelocke photo © Marcia Richards