The Pariah

After the successful kick-off with their 2016 EP ‘Divided by Choice’ on Redfield Records, melodic hardcore specialists THE PARIAH are taking the European scene by storm with their debut album as well as outstanding live shows and raise the standards for their peers and followers.
‘No Truth’ was released on September 28th 2018 on Redfield Records and Silent Cult in the UK (ORDER HERE). Precursors like ‘Silent Birds’, ‘Surged’ (feat. Brendan Murphy of COUNTERPARTS) or ‘Regression’ (feat. Tobias Rische of ALAZKA) set the uncompromising path but they also hold ready the right dose of catchiness. Paired up technical finesse and a detailloving but not too polished production, on “NO TRUTH” THE PARIAH know how to underline their uniqueness.

If as headliner, on festivals or as opener for bands like NAPOLEON, HUNDREDTH, CAPSIZE, LAND- SCAPES, SHAI HULUD, CANVAS and POLAR, it is safe to claim that THE PARIAH have never played a show where they didn’t attract some new fans. Their combination of drive, enthusiasm and the absolute belief in their art convinces everyone in the end. This recently could be observed at their summer shows with BEING AS AN OCEAN, COUNTERPARTS and AGNOSTIC FRONT and it will be continued at the album release shows this fall.
Regarding the content THE PARIAH like to paint with dark colours. Frontman Henning Begemann explains his way finding the topics and lyrics for “No Truth”: “During the time when I was writing the lyrics for the new Album, I was thinking a lot about our behaviour towards others. Why do we act like everything’s great while we know that this is a lie and everyone else is doing the exact same thing. But despite these facts, no one is ever starting to question all this. The thought finally lead me to question the concept of truth in general, which is usually an irrevocable term. This hiding and twisting of the truth was a leitmotif for all the lyrics. ‘No Truth’ is kind of a cynical term for these considerations but the whole concept has meanings on different levels. On one side, the lyrics are about lying itself or they are picking up what we usually don’t talk about. On the other side it is supposed to become clear that the listener will not find the pure and absolute truth on this album, if something like this even exists. The topics vary from the inner analysis of self-inflicted mistakes (‘Awake’, ‘Hollow at Heart’, ‘Persona’, ‘Comfort Zone’) over socialcritical aspects (‘Dissemble’, ‘Silent Birds’), to the straight political song ‘Regression’.”

For bassist Rouven Kircher the differences to earlier recordings are pretty clear: “Compared to the debut EP, our sound, as well as the ambitions that we have towards our material, changed in the aspect that we had a clear vision during the songwriting concerning the final product. We have grown to a creative entity, which is expressed musically and with regards to the content. This process is clearly audible on the album.”
With their first album THE PARIAH went on searching for nothing less than the truth and they didn’t find it in the end. The way to this shattering realisation is none the less brutally honest, rousing and an intensive experience for the listener until the very last second. That you can expect nothing but pureness and authenticity from them was and will never be doubted.