15th February 2021

The Arsonist

Havelocke release their new single The Arsonist today! They were picked Artist of the Week in Kerrang! Radio with Vampire Eyes, so you don’t want to miss this one. “They are coming for My Chemical Romance’s crown. Vampire Eyes is an enormous song” Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio

Video by Aaran Mckenzie Films

The Arsonist can only be described as an old school emo/post-hardcore banger, it’s definitely worthy of being the title track. Most Havelocke songs take a good amount of time to write and then another good chunk of our lives to perfect but not The Arsonist. This song took me no more than an hour to write and what you hear on the EP is hardly any different to what I wrote in my bedroom, it all came so naturally. 
Not long before writing this song we had a bit of a fall out with a friend and it’s kind of hard to get into detail but we gave him chances to redeem himself, probably more than we should have, and he just kept messing up in the same way. The Arsonist is about that, you only get so many chances before you get hit with the consequences
Havelocke about The Arsonist

But wait! There’s more! Both Vampire Eyes and The Arsonist will be featured on their forthcoming EP Arsonist, out April 13th on Silent Cult. Pre-order bundles are now available HERE and they are super limited, so be quick.