28th September 2018

The Pariah ‘No Truth’: out now

No Truth, the debut album from German band The Pariah, is out now and available in our store (UK only). Look at the super limited boxset, it’s rad!

This is a Silent Cult partnership with the awesome guys at Redfield Records.

The Pariah‘s unique take on melodic hardcore has seen them sharing stages with BEING AS AN OCEAN, COUNTERPARTS, NAPOLEON, HUNDREDTH, CAPSIZE, LANDSCAPES, SHAI HULUD, CANVAS and POLAR.

Even though they don’t consider themselves a political band, they couldn’t ignore what’s happening around them anymore and the normalisation of the extreme right. They have put those feelings into their new single, Regression, featuring Tobias Rische from Alazka. Here’s the video for Regression, and you can read more about the band HERE


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