25th June 2019

VEXES – Ancient Geometry – OUT NOW

The latest band to join the Silent Cult roster are the incredible VEXES, from New Jersey! Their album Ancient Geometry is out now in Europe and the UK and you can get it HERE

VEXES are an experimental, eclectic, groove-infused new post-rock/metal outfit who have garnered much attention in their native land and promise to do the same in the UK / Europe with the release of Ancient Geometry.  The special European version features three stunning bonus cover tracks, including ‘Head Over Heels’ as well as ‘Shattered Dreams’ by Johnny Hates Jazz and ‘Voices Carry’ by ’Til Tuesday.

The band comment: “We are thrilled to be working with Silent Cult and for the opportunity to have our music heard by an expanded audience with the international release of our debut album Ancient Geometry. We’ve been writing for the better part of nine months or so now for the follow up to AG, and as a “break” from that process and as a thank you to anyone that has listened to us thus far, we wanted to put our spin on a few of our favorite songs from the 1980s. The songs we chose were very influential to us in various ways, both from the standpoint of our personal lives and in the general vibe of our music. There is a lushness and delicate quality to the sound of the original tracks, and such a great pop sensibility, which is something that we try to incorporate in our sound, blended with ferocity and vulnerability. We hope that everyone enjoys our take on these classic tracks.” 


From start to finish, Ancient Geometry takes listeners on a journey – starting with the bombastic ‘Hellion’, the first song VEXES wrote together. The track flips between thrash beats and surging, choppy riffs layered with atmospheric guitars. After battering the listener with songs like ‘Lift’ and ‘Decisions are Death Here’ – each of which veer from tuneful and textural to brash and furious, VEXES tone down and emphasise vulnerability over anger. The distorted guitars and unsettling tempos don’t disappear, nor does the juxtaposition of crooning and roaring vocals, but on songs like ‘Plasticine’ and ‘Lush’ the vocals become more consistently tuneful and the backing instrumentation less pugnacious. At the midpoint of the album there’s ‘No Color’, a multifaceted song that flows like a daydream turned into a nightmare and features a guest rap by Islander member Mikey Carvajal.